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Stamina Magnetic Fusion 7250 Exercise Bike

Stamina Magnetic Fusion 7250 Exercise Bike

Price: $499.95
Code: STAM157250

Stamina® Fusion bikes represent the biggest innovation in stationary bikes since the introduction of the recumbent. This new category of exercise bikes combines the traditional biking feel of the upright with the comfort of the recumbent for a bike that you'll be able to use for longer, more effective, more ergonomically correct workouts.

The Stamina Magnetic Fusion 7250 bike has a sleek design to complement its innovative engineering. With comfortable, molded and padded oversized seat with seatback, oversized pedals, and walk-thru design, you'll be encouraged to work out longer. The seat slides at a 45 degree angle so your feet, legs, and hips are aligned to give you power on the downstroke and the upstroke for the best cycling workout possible.

Product features:
  • 16 levels of smooth, quiet, magnetic free wheel resistance
  • Large, two-color, backlit console for easy reading displays workout time, speed, calories burned, distance, resistance level, age/target heart rate, and actual heart rate
  • 12 programs: manual, rolling, valley, fat burn, ramp, fitness test, random, plateau, interval, mountain, 60% of maximum heart rate, and 85% of maximum heart rate
  • Push button control to change programs, adjust speed and resistance on the fly
  • Interactive heart rate monitor with hand sensor
  • Choose heart rate program that adjusts your workout to keep you within your target heart rate zone
  • AC adapter, no batteries needed
  • Integrated handlebars
  • Pulse sensors built into handrails to monitor and stay within target heart rate zone
  • Adjustable seat with 45-degree leg angle to reduce stress on hips and joints
  • Easy to get on and off
  • Walk-thru design
  • Comfortable, padded, oversized molded seat and seatback
  • Aluminum seat rail with rollers for smoother seat adjustment
  • Silver, steel frame with oval tubing, sleek front and rear shrouds
  • Wheels for easy portability
  • Weighted pedals with adjustable foot straps work legs on upward and downward strokes
  • Water bottle holder with bottle
  • Weight limit: 300 lbs. (136 kg)
Additional Product Information:
  • Recommended use: Improve cardiovascular fitness, strengthen and tone legs, hips, and abs
  • Material: Sturdy steel frame
  • Product color(s): Silver/pewter grey/black
  • Resistance: magnetic resistance
  • Comfort elements: Comfortable, padded, oversized molded seat and seatback, and downward strokes, oversized pedals with straps, water bottle holder with bottle
  • Targeted training: Improves cardiovascular fitness, tones legs, aids in weight loss
  • Includes: Stamina® Magnetic Fusion 7250 Exercise Bike, owner's manual
  • Assembly: Assembly required
  • Warranty information: 5 years frame/90 days parts

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