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We're excited to bring you the next generation Plyoball that bounces.  They're great for solo throws and catches off of walls! Go to Plyoball information page

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  • Seamless rubber construction.  Balls stay round instead of pancaking after heavy use.  Super heavy duty rubber surface, unlike leather, is scuff resistant and waterproof for swimming workouts and other aquatic exercises. 
Sport-specific medicine ball training videos including titles for health and fitness, volleyball, basketball, golf, and baseball. 

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We have bouncing medicine balls available in the following sizes:
2lb(6"),4lb(8"), 6lb(8"), 8lb(8"), 10lb(8", 10")

2 lb. Bouncing Plyoball
Price:   US$19.95 
(Item # PLYBAL02B)

4 lb. Bouncing Plyoball 
Price:   US$29.95 
(Item # PLYBAL04B)

6 lb. Bouncing Plyoball 
Price:   US$39.95 
(Item # PLYBAL06B)

8 lb. Bouncing Plyoball 
Price:   US$49.95 
(Item # PLYBAL08B)

10 lb. Jumbo 10" Bouncing Plyoball 
Price:   US$54.95 
(Item # PLYBAL10J)

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