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Elastic Resistance Trainer that Improves Vertical Jump, Speed, Power and Agility


Elastic Resistance

power jumper
  • Improve all jump and speed training movements
  • Resistance for all plyometric jumps and all different running movements
  • Easy to use, entire team can circuit in seconds
  • Great for training on practice field or court
  • Includes one resistance tube with webbed handles at each end (to place on feet or for partner to hold), padded sleeve to protect user from pull of resistance tube and instruction manual
  • As shown above, a terrific enhancement to Jumpsoles training
  • Can duplicate with resistance ANY sport movement making it the perfect sports performance enhancer. 
Power Jumper 2
with two cords

Power Jumper 2
with three cords

"I used this in high school and absolutely loved it. Been looking for another, and found it on JumpUSA.
Great Product!"

- B Leyden
Broadview hts OH

Get the Power Jumper alone or get it with the new Hops package! 
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The Hops Package

 Jumpsoles + Proprioceptor + Advanced Proprioceptor video + Power jumper + Speed Rope + All Sport Cones Save $30!
Price:  $179.70$149.95

The perfect tools to work on pure hops.  The Power Jumper adds resistance to all your jumps and speeds up results.  Take it off and you'll be flying!
Try pairing the Heavy Jumpropes with the Power Jumper. It builds arm and wrist strength while working out your jumping muscles.

The Heavy Jumper
1 lb. Heavy Jumprope + Power Jumper 2 Save $5!

Price:  $54.95 $49.95

Power Jumper + Heavy Jumper
 Try Vertical Blastoff™ Effervescent Creatine. It's the perfect complement to Power Jumper training for even greater results! (recommended age 18 and over)

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