Add lightning quickness and blistering speed!  Getting one step ahead of your opponents can make the difference between winning and losing.
Jumpsoles and the Proprioceptor
The greatest platform for gaining speed and vertical jumping

Jumpboxes and Training Accessories
Cones, Jumpropes and other training tools to improve your Jumpsoles training
Reaction Ball
Train reaction time and quick decision making movements

Flex Nimbo
The Ultimate Full Body - Sport-Specific Training System. Get a full body work out and enhance your strength, flexibility, cardiovascular, endurance!

Agility Ladders
Train Footwork and Foot Speed

All Legs Speed Builder
Work leg speed and hamstrings with anchored elastic bands

Mini Step Hurdles
6" or 12" Mini Step Hurdles

Dot Drill Mat
Train Foot Accuracy and Footwork 


Jumpsoles Complex Speed Training CDRom
Combine Jumpsoles with 41 Olympic Level Exercises for Acceleration and Speed!

Extreme Speed DVD
Performance Enhancement Exercises used by Jamal Lewis, Hines Ward, and Jevon Kearse!

Cris Carter's FAST Program
See the secrets and techniques taught at Former NFL Wide Receiver Cris Carter's facility in Boca Raton, FL!

Speed Training for Youth
Duane Carlisle, the 49ers Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach and the 8 Components to Peak Performance!

Lateral Speed
Forward speed has always been emphasized, while lateral speed is often overlooked.  Lateral Speed is what can get you open, get your defender to miss, and allow you to play better defense.
Build Lateral Power, Speed, and Strength!

Lateral Power Trainer
For indoor use
lateral resistor
The Lateral Resistor
only $29.95

Agility Poles
Set of 4 Agility Poles for quick cuts and maneuvering. 60" Tall. 
from $24.95

Overspeed Training
Overspeed training is a plyometric exercise, in that it forces fast eccentric contractions followed by concentric contractions. In this case the eccentric and concentric contractions are in the hamstrings and quadraceps. The goal of overspeed training is to force the athlete to increase the length and speed of their stride, while maintaining proper form.

Speed Parachutes
speed harness
Doubleman Overspeed
speed harness
Singleman Overspeed

The Leapfrog


Sports Speed

High Performance 
Sports Conditioning

Fundamentals of 
Track and Field

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