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The SuperCat

SuperCAT is America's #1 Vertical Jump Machine

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SuperCAT vertical jumping machine

Just one exercise and you can max your vertical to your genetic potential. For teams or individual use, this industrial grade machine will get you serious vertical! SuperCAT is The Ultimate Vertical Jumping Machine! 

Basketball and athletic programs all across America use Powernetic's flagship machine, the Super Cat, for explosive vertical jump training. The Super Cat has been proven again and again to be the most effective machine for developing the "Power Potential" of athletes.

Similar machines don't come close to the Super Cat's durability and safe operation that outlasts the most strenuous workout regiment. Powernetics is recording the highest level of achieved vertical jumps for athletes using training on the explosive Super Cat.
Super Cat Exercise
Pictured: Powernetic's President Gary Fuller, at 6'0", developed a 52" vertical jump by training on the Super Cat. Picture yourself making that leap. The Super Cat can do that for you.

Explosive Exercises
No other vertical jump machine delivers the explosive exercise of the #1 selling machine - Super Cat:
  • Quarter Squat Jumps
  • Angle Squat jumps
  • Angle Squats
  • Flat Squats
Develops the "POWER POTENTIAL" of every athlete. The Super Cat will dramatically increase the speed, quickness and vertical jump of every athlete.

Dimensions: 28 X 61 X 68
Super Cat Jumping

The SuperCat

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Chiropractor Uses Powernetics Super Cat to Train, Rehabilitate Athletes

Dear Mr. Fuller:
I would like to take the opportunity to commend you on the exceptional design of your Super Cat. I am a Chiropractor specializing in kinesiology, nutrition and exercise program development. My practice includes professional and elite athletes, as well as, the general public. I am the co-author of ProBodx, an adult fitness book, published by Harper Collins.

The Super Cat has allowed me the capacity to develop and utilize exercises that are corrective in nature as well as performance enhancing. The Super Cat design enables the training of the nervous system in ways that uniquely impact power, speed and strength. In addition I am able to significantly improve alignment, poster and muscle recruitment safely and effectively.

Sincerely, Dr. Edythe M. Hues

MD Endorses Super Cat Quality and Capability

“…the Super Cat is certainly an exceptional piece of equipment in every respect. The design and quality of construction surpasses any equipment that I have seen.

"As a physician involved in “Sports Medicine”, I am most impressed with the design that has greatly reduced the stress on the lower back and knees. This piece of equipment is essential to any serious athlete interested in maximizing his explosive power potential.”

Harold Clayton, MD, Tyler, Texas

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