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The SpringBak Insoles
Gain instant vertical leap height and stride length with these amazing insoles!

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JumpUSA.com has what you need to improve and gain inches in your vertical jump training. Click on the pictures to find out how these products can help you increase your vertical leap!

If your weak point in the game is vertical leap and you are looking for a way to fix it then JumpUSA is a perfect store for your search. We have any and every jump training equipment that you need for higher vertical jumps. With years of testing, experience and favorable outcomes we present to you an unbeatable collection of vertical jump training products that are suitable for all sportsmen and athletes. We offer jumpsoles, plyo boxes, hyper gravity weight belts, jump ropes, strength training bands and many other machines which have been scientifically designed to improve your vertical jump by several inches. Plyometric training shoes are used to increase the athlete’s speed, quickness and power for running faster and jumping higher. Our impact resistant and flexible SkyMeter provides an easy way to measure the height of vertical jumps. For leg and abs strengthening select our power wheels that introduce a whole new set of important exercises. Our training manuals and books have been composed by experts and professional trainers who specialize in plyometric training and vertical jump exercises. We only deal in genuine products manufactured by leading companies that offer true guarantee. We are devoted towards providing you with supreme quality vertical jump training equipments at best prices.

The Jumpsoles and 
the Proprioceptor
The most popular frontal training platforms that attach to your own shoes!  Gain vertical leap and use the Proprioceptor to gain blazing speed and ankle strength

Plyoboxes and other 
Jumpsoles Training 
Plyoboxes, Cones, Jumpropes, Reaction Balls, and more can make your workout more effective.

Explosive Calves
Great for adding difficulty to Plyometric training, or to add resistance to your sport during practice or games.

Power Jumper 2
Power Jumper 2
Add Elastic Resistance to your Jumpsoles workout for increased difficulty. Put 1, 2 or 3 cords, also great for Squats.

Weight Belt
Hyper Gravity 
Weight Belt 
Imagine if you could train on a planet with heavier gravity, and what it would do for your leg strength and vertical leap. Now you can with Weight Belt Training.

Power Wheel 
Improve leg strength, ab strength, and hamstring strength with this diverse Wheel device that allows you to attach your feet for a whole new set of exercises!

Quick Feet Fast Hands
Bio-Mechanically correct to develop leg strength. Great for jumping, speed training and strength development.

Effervescent Creatine
Vertical Leap: Faster gains, longer workouts, more energy for your muscles. The only supplement we fully endorse.

The SkyMeter
Vertical Jump Measuring Device. Simply hang it on your basketball rim and measure!

Heavy Weighted 
Work your arms as well as your legs for a more explosive vertical leap and a greater workout.  From 1 to 4 lbs.

Strength Training Bands
  For squats, curls, and more vertical jump building exercises

The Elgin Archxerciser
Did you know toe flexor strength is crucial for vertical jumping? This one exercise can add an inch to your vertical leap!

Ankle Weights
5 lb or 10 lb. ankle weight sets.

The Calf Block
For Calf Raises
X VestWeight Vest
Weighted Vests
See our selection of Weight Vests - whether it's durability or comfort we have what you need


Glute and Ham Machine

Super Calf and Squat Machine

The SkyHawk
Vertical Jump Machine

Super Cat
The SuperCat
The Ultimate Vertical Jump Machine!

Vertical Masters
Elastic Resistance Platform

The Dual Dominator
Dual Elastic Resistance Platform

Vasa Trainer
Utilizes your body weight to increase strength and fitness.
The Bear Squatting Machine 
The Bear
The King of vertical leap training machines: Explosive Squat Machine used by the Patriots!

Balance Training
Many don't know that ankle strength is key to vertical as well. For more ways to unlock your ankle strength, go to our Agility and Balance page

 The Proprioceptor 
- The Jumpsoles Upgrade

Wobble Boards and Rocker Boards
Rehabilitation, balance, agility improvements
With 3 Interchangeable Domes only

Foam Rollers
Foam Rollers provide a dynamic training surface no matter what your goals.

Pivit Boards
Improves overall balance, coordination and strength

Vertical, Rebounding, Basketball

Vertec Jump Training
The Gold Standard Vertical Leap
Measurement Device
Lowest Price Guaranteed!

McCall's Rebounder
The Ultimate Rebounding Machine
Lowest Price Guaranteed!


Jumping into Plyometrics

High-Powered Plyometrics
Book / DVD

Stronger Abs and Back
Vertical Jumping Tip #277:

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