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Weight Training Equipment

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Weight Training Books - $2 off each book!

Workout Tower
Pull-up and Chin-up bar, VKR, sit-up and push-up handles, includes chip and dip handles.

Dimensions: 56"LX40"WX86"H
Bench WT: 76 lbs
Cap: 350 lbs

Strongest & Best in the market - will support tall & heavy people 4" X 2" Sq. Steel Tube Construction
Removable Chinning Bar, Deluxe Padding, Compact, Sturdy MEGACHINUP

Size: 32" X 29" X 82.5"H - 160lbs.

Designed to fit rooms with low ceilings.
48" Wide Bar for Chinning
Deluxe Hand Grips
White Powder Coated
Specially designed End Caps for Stability


Size: 36" X 48" X 68.5"H - 70 lbs.

Specialty Machines

Roman Chair / HyperExtension

Glute and Hamstring Machine

Super Calf and Squat
Weight Training Machine

Tibia Dorsi Calf Machine

Leg Press Weight
Training Machine

Seated Calf Machine

Safety Squat Bar & Power Rack System

Pec Deck
Pec Deck Machine

Doorway Gym


Progressive Resistance
Weight Training Chains

Elastic Resistance Bands
for Progressive Resistance

Club Style Dumbbell Racks

Inversion Table

That's A Wrap
Add comfort to a germ-free
workout at the gym

Calf Block

Weight Benches

Customize Your Weight Training Bench
Standard bench where you can add Preacher Curl, Leg Extension, and other accessories.

The Power Weight
Training Bench

No spotter necessary!  The most heavy duty bench for pure performance.
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Decline Abdominal Board

Vibration Exercise Machine
Vibration Exercise Machine
The newest technique used by the Pros to get the most out of each workout! Most Vibration Exercise Machines go for around $10,000! 
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Portable Crunch Bench
Offers 2 position incline and foot placement, for users of various heights and advancements.

Dimensions: 37"LX16"WX22"H
Bench WT: 25 lbs
Cap: 300 lbs

Multi-Use Flat Exercise Bench
Great for curls, triceps, and other free weight dumbbell exercises.

Dimensions: 46"LX16"WX20"H
Bench WT: 25 lbs
Cap: d400 lbs
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How fast should my Speed of Negatives be? - Eccentric Contractions

Quick bit of information:
Concentric Contraction - when your muscles exert force as they shorten (i.e. a curl)
Eccentric Contraction - when your muscles exert force as they lengthen (i.e. straightening your arm) - these exercises are often called negatives.

Which contraction produces more force?
Although we'd imagine the arm can produce more force while shortening, it's actually the eccentric contractions that can produce more force.

Because of this, you've probably heard that you should bring your weights down slowly so you get an extra workout.  The question is, how slowly?  Researchers from the University of Southern California used MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to monitor muscle firing and found the rapid eccentric contraction of the upper arm activated more than slow eccentric contraction of the upper arm.  Hence, 2 seconds to lockout works your muscles better than 10 seconds to lockout.  More weight faster will work your muscles more than less weight slower.

(Med Sci. Sports, 33:196-200, 2001)

Home Gyms


Executive Home Gym SM-T888
Get a great workout with the SM-T888 premium executive home gym. It features a 200 pound weight stack, high and low pulleys stations that allow you to do a variety of exercises, chest and shoulder press, leg extensions and much more.

Heavy gauge steel/Ultra-tech upholstery and padding
  • 30 exercise circuit training routine included. 
  • 200 lb. weight stack 
  • Heavy-duty 2" x 3" main frame 
  • High density foam padding 
  • Powder-coated for durability 
  • High, mid and low pulley systems 
  • Includes attachments: 
    • 46" Lat Pull Bar 
    • 20" Straight Bar 
    • Ankle Strap 
    • Ab Strap 
  • Specifications:
    • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
    • Multi-Station Design 
    • Assembly Required 
    • Dimensions: 62"L x 41"W x 84"H 
    • Shipping Weight 430 lb. 

Wall Gym 2000
A quality fitness / rehab system that is easy to install, easy to use, is professional high quality and extremely versatile. The Lifeline Wall Gym 2000 can be used for clinical or home rehab or fitness training.

Wall Gym 4000
Our professional level fitness / rehab system is easy to install, easy to use, is professional high quality and extremely versatile. The Lifeline Wall Gym 4000 can be used for clinical or home rehab or fitness training.

Books and Videos

Weight Training Fundamentals

Serious Strength Training

Building Strength & Stamina
Sports Power
Sports Power

by David Sandler

Strength and Conditioning Program Concepts for High School Student Athletes

Reviews the fundamentals and principles involved in a sound resistance training program for teenagers. Featuring hands-on demonstrations, this video explains and shows the basic components that are essential to a well-designed, well-supervised strength training program for high school students. Among the topics covered are: NSCA youth strength-training guidelines, training concepts, program guidelines, exercise techniques and warm-up progression, functional vs. absolute strength, core lifts, advanced student-athlete programs, and also addresses how much resistance is enough. 

By Patrick Mediate, MA, CSCS*D of Greenwich High School, CT and Avery Faigenbaum, Ed.D, CSCS of the University of Massachusetts. 41 minutes. Copyright 2002. 



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