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JumpUSA Agility Training - Agility keeps your body in control, helps you to change direction quicker and exercise the proper footwork.  We have agility training products to make you sure-footed, make your feet stronger and quicker, and give you the agility and balance to stay a step ahead of your opponents.

Every sportsman has some or the other agility training equipment with him, because it is something that can really improve the performance. Balance is another important game perspective that needs to be learnt. We offer you the most amazing selection of balance and agility training devices that have been developed with designs that permit versatile training exercises. Mini hurdles, agility ladders, agility domes, multi-cones, speed builders, agility poles and domes, and all other equipments that you require, are available with us. Agility ladder and hurdles are the essential parts of most professional training programs. Agility training equipment works in a different way on specific body parts and movements, aiming to improve footwork, speed and direction changing skills. For balance training we provide devices like wobble boards, Swiss balls, pivot boards, foam rollers and many more, that have been used by pros and trainers for enhancing their balancing skills. These top notch quality products are manufactured with standard specifications and expert knowledge to provide effective training. We also have a limited edition of the very popular ProBodX book by Marv Marinovich that describes excellent techniques for developing proper balance, strength and flexibility. So hurry up and grab every agility and balance training equipment that your require for being meritorious and a world-class athlete.

Foot speed and Leg speed

Agility Ladders

Mini Hurdles

Dot Drill Mat

All Legs Speed Builder

Agility Poles

Agility Domes


Hurdle Cones

Agility Rings

Adjustable Power Hurdles

Slalom Poles

Agility Slats
Agility Dots
Agility Dots

Ankle Strength, Reaction Time, Fast Twitch Muscles
The Jumpsoles and 
the Proprioceptor
Reaction Ball
Harder to chase than a chicken!

Hacky Sacks are great for eye foot coordination!

Plyoboxes, Cones, 
and other Jumpsoles 
Training Accessories

The Leapfrog

Balance Training
Balance training has been around for decades, but had been quickly growing in the past few years with the development of new and innovative products to keep you off-balance - hence giving you the muscles and balance to stay balanced while competing.

by Marv Marinovich

Pivit Boards

The Swiss Ball
Stability Ball
wobble board
Wobble Boards
With 3 interchangeable domes

Pro Fitter

Foam Rollers
- for balance and rehab

Balance Discs and Balance Pods

The Multi-Slant Board


Training for Speed, Agility, and Quickness - DVD/Book Combo!
ed. Brown, Ferrigno

The Slide Board Topic #351:
Juggling and how it improves your Sports Vision! Topic #334 

Recovering From an Ankle Sprain
Immediate Action can reduce recover time

Ankle sprains are one of the most common sports injuries for stop and start types of running sports. The proper treatment of a sprain can help you quickly recovery and prevent future problems. 

After an ankle sprain it is important to act quickly. You should immediately stop the activity and apply a compression wrap and ice in order to keep swelling to a minimum. Ice should be used for no more than fifteen minutes at a time. Leaving ice on any long can risk frost burn and do tissue damage. Keep your leg elevated to decrease the blood flow (and swelling) to the foot. Research has shown that the sooner you apply compression, ice and elevation, the sooner you will recover from your sprain. Take a hint from the pros. By getting immediate attention, they are back out there in a matter of days. If you do nothing, keep playing and then put some ice on your ankle later that night, you will end up with a sprain that can take weeks or months to heal properly. Most of the damage from a sprain comes from the swelling. Your main goal is to reduce as much swelling as possible, and to do that, every second counts.

If you play sports where an ankle sprain is likely (soccer, track, football, basketball, etc...) you should always have a first aid kit nearby. Such a kit should include compression wraps, ice packs, splints, bandages, and ibuprofen.

For a severe sprain (one you can not put weight one) you may need a visit to a physician to make sure you don't have a fracture or serious ligament or tendon damage. In general, you should avoid weight bearing as long as your have swelling. When possible, you should keep your foot elevated. Within a couple of days, your pain should decrease enough to allow some weight bearing without pain. As you are able to tolerate more weight, you can begin a walking and gentle stretching program to increase your flexibility. 

Proprioception exercises or balance exercise can help you recover more quickly and should actually be preformed as part of a prevention program. Jumpsoles Proprioceptors are great for this, as are wobble boards and other imbalance exercises. Poor balance is a good predictor of future ankle sprains. After an ankle injury balance training is essential to recovery. In addition to our eyes and inner ears, there are special receptors in our joints (proprioceptors) that provide information about our position in space. By balancing on one leg you can reinforce and strengthen those receptors in the ankle. Balance on the affected leg and hold steady for 15 seconds. Continue to challenge your ankle by balancing with your eyes closed, or with your head turning from side to side. If you play soccer, balance on your sprained ankle and kick a soccer ball against a wall. If you play basketball, balance and shoot or practice bounce passes. Get creative with your exercise to match your sport.

Ankle sprains can be prevented by using appropriate equipment for your sport. However, sport-specific shoes and protective gear are just the start. To avoid ankle sprains, you need to strengthen your ankle joints!

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