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Gil (Rise) Thomas

Gil has been recognized by KCAL News and Outside Magazine as the "DUNK MASTER"



Gil Thomas (pictured, left) is a former track and field high jumper.  At only 5'-8" he cleared 7' aided by a 40+ inch vertical jump and was one of the highest measured at the University of Louisville by strength and conditioning coach Doug Seminick.  Gil credits his RV training program for his vertical.

He has worked with several expert trainers in Southern California, including Marv Marinovich, Eric Moreno, and Lou Smith.  He trained speed and jump conditioning for basketball and track and field at 1987 Case Western Reserve University and 1993 Daniel Murphy High in Los Angeles.

Also working with Gil is former Univ. of Cincinnati basketball star Bobby Austin, generally considered one of the top players ever to come out of the Ohio area.  Bobby was a two-time high-school All-American and finished his career at Univ. of Cincinnati as the 8th all-time leading scorer in school history.  He led the city of Cincinnati his senior year of high-school, averaging over 30 point per game.  He was second in scoring each of his 4 seasons at Univ. of Cincinnati, and led his team in free throw percentage at 89%.  He was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks in the 1982 draft, but due to knee injury his NBA career was cut short.  Many former NBA players and fans compare Austin's athleticism to Michael Jordan.  He is now a shooting expert and a fundamentals teacher.  In his playing days, Austin was noted for his 30 foot jump shot range, and his ability to break the defender down off the dribble and attack the rim.  If you want to become a better shooter, gain knowledge on how to break down defenders, you can reach him at email bobbyaustincats@yahoo.com.  Austin is very knowledgable with all of the JumpUSA.com basketball aids, such as the Bandit and the Naypalm.  He works with youth athletes all the way to pros. 

Gil has trained basketball  star Bobby Austin Jr, a player with some serious ups.  Under Gil's training, Bobby Jr had already started dunking by 8th grade.

Often working with Gil is Mario Thomas, former national class high school All-American and college All-American long jumper / triple jumper.  Mario at 6'3" had a high enough vertical jump to put his chin on the rim.  He had been using the RV training program since the age of 11, and at ony 12 years of age standing a mere 5'6" he was able to dunk.  Mario set records at Lawrenceburg High in Indiana in all jumping events.  He trained with legendary strength coach / track coach Eric Moreno in Anaheim, CA and has all of Eric's performance measurement records, such as a standing vertical jump of 44", standing long jump of 10'10", and medicine ball distance throw.  Mario is a very knowledgable speed and jump trainer and has been using JumpUSA.com products for over 10 years.

Gil rising in Louisville, KY

Gil trained is known for his RV[repetitions & volume] slam dunk jumping training program.....the most scientific,regulated plyometrics jump training available...(for female athletes, too!) This is a high intensity shock plyometrics program.  The science behind the R.V. program is the overload principle.  To overload the jumping muscles you must make it work harder than normal push it to maximum output, and by overloading the jumping muscles to its peak rate of power, that is the shock factor in shock plyometrics, it compels the jumping muscles to contract and develop force as quickly as it can when loading times are limited to a few milliseconds. This occurs naturally when an athlete performing plyometrics jumping exercises by doing the R.V. Training plyometrics exercises purposefully.  With repetition &  volume this becomes an intensive jump training regimen: specifically muscle POWER overload training.  See the RV Calendar Schedule Program to see what it takes to reach your maximum Potential here .

Gil is based in downtown Los Angeles.  Contact Gil at 310-663-7484 if you are interested in training.

Gil has a mobile fitness center and trains people all over Southern California (Los Angeles, Orange County, Santa Monica, and North Hollywood).  Mario trains in the Riverside area - 310-508-9659.  Gil has been recognized as the hottest trainer in Los Angeles by KCAL News.

Louis An - "In a month I gained 2.5 inches"

If you are looking to train, email Gil:  vertbygil48@yahoo.com

Check out the KCAL Broadcast

Check out the CBS News Article, "DUNKMASTER"

(JumpUSA is not affiliated with Vert By Gil training programs - Gil is an independant Speed & Jump Consultant and JumpUSA is not liable for Gil's personal training)

The RV Training Program Ab/Back Workout
As a vertical jump specialist, Gil knows ab and back muscles are essential to Vertical Jumping.  Get Gil's RV Ab/Back Workout FREE for a limited time HERE

Gil's RV Training Program incorporates Jumpsoles and these excellent Jumpsole aids:

The Power Wheel
"This workout is great, of course for the Torso, but especially the hamstrings.  Hamstrings are responsible for 50% of your running speed and jumping power.  I truly believe the Power Wheel could increase your jump 3 to 6 inches.  It compliments the Jumpsole training perfectly.  Jumpsoles work your legs and calves while the Power Wheel works your torso(the power zone) and hamstrings."

The Hyper Gravity Weight Belt
"Proper use of the Hypergravity Weight Belt will show improvement in explosive power output and aid performance in speed.  Research has shown improvement of 6-10 inches in vertical jumping was measured after 4 weeks of training with the Hypergravity Weight Belt and the R.V. training program.  The study used a weekly increase in the belt loads of a few pounds to max-belt loads 20-30 pounds.

I recommend you start from 4 lbs, and in crease 2 lbs. every two weeks.  The 20 lb. weight belt allows this gradual increase and if perfect for increasing vertical by training your body to get used to training in higher gravity situations."

What's your Jump Quotient? Find out your magic number to dunk . . .

Stretch N Strength Flexbands

power jumper
The Power Jumper
"Use Power Jumper to increase resistance to your Jumpsoles workout.  To make them harder, do them in a swimming pool to create a low impact but difficult workout.  The Power Jumper creates explosiveness in each jump, helping you not only get more vertical, but faster vertical.  This is because it focuses loading the eccentric stength in the jumping muscles.  It's a great compliment to the Jumpsole workout."

"All my clients also use JumpUSA’s Vertical Blastoff Creatine.  This helps gain vertical faster and retain it.  Nutrition is a key to vertical jump and keeping a low percentage of body fat.  In addition to Creatine, try to keep a steady level of protein. 

140-160 lbs  – 200g protein a day. 
180-240 lbs. – 250g protein. 

Limit Sodas, Junk food, and Fast food intake.  Stick to low-fat meats and lots of fruits and vegetables."

The Jumpsoles, Proprioceptors, Hypergravity Belt, Power Jumper, Power Wheel, and Plyoball can help vertical jump gains from 10-21 inches from 6 months to a year.  Rise Thomas clients average between 1-2 inches per month for a whole year with this system.

"At age 30, I went from barely touching the rim to dunking the basketball with one hand.  The Jumpsoles, Hypergravity Belt, and Power Wheel works great.  Dunking a basketball is one of life's greatest experiences.  Now I know what it feels like to play above the rim."
-Sergio Siderman, Lawyer in Malibu, CA

"I emailed Gil a few months ago because I haven't gained much, but with Gil's RV Training Program, at 5'9" I went from not being able to touch the rim to dunking!" 
-Daniel Lee, email client

"I have been using the Power Wheel, Hypergravity Weight Belt, and the Jumpsoles, and it feels like magic the way I'm flying.  I can dunk off of one step and I'm only in the eighth grade.  Thanks JumpUSA and Vertical by Gil!"
-Marcus Johnson, Los Angeles, CA

"I went from dunking the ball with one hand to 360 degree dunking by using the RV program and the Hypergravity Weight Belt.  using Gil's RV Training Program I went from a 6'1" high jump to a 6'10" high jump, setting the record here at Case Western Reserve University.  At the height of 6' I increased my vertical jump to 37 inches.  Thank you JumpUSA and Vertical by Gil!"
-Matt Ospeck, Cleveland, OH

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