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Human Kinetics publishes over 100 books a year. Their sports and fitness books help millions of people gain more enjoyment, knowledge, and skill through physical activity. Human Kinetics also publishes scholarly, text, and professional books for scientists, educators, professionals, and students around the world. FEATURING:

Jumping into Plyometrics
by Dr. Donald A. Chu

by Marv Marinovich

Explosive Power and Strength
by Dr. Donald A. Chu
Sports Books

High Performance Sports Conditioning by Bill Foran

NEW! Sports Speed
by Dintiman, Ward, Tellez

High-Powered Plyometrics
by James C. Radliffe and Robert C. Farentinos

Basketball Skills & Drills
by Jerry Krause, et. al

Basketball Free Throw
by Tom Amberry, Free Throw World Record Holder (VIDEO)

52 Week Basketball Training
by Chip Sigmon

Basketball Offenses and Plays
by Ken Atkins
John Wooden's UCLA Offense
John Wooden's UCLA Offense - DVD/Book Combo
by John Wooden and Swen Nater
Strength Training Anatomy
Strength Training Anatomy

by Frederick Devadier

The Pitching Edge
by Tom House

Baseball Skills and Drills Book by the American Baseball Coaches Association

The Picture Perfect Pitcher by Tom House and Paul Reddick

Competitive Fire
by Michael Clarkson

Sports Vision 
by Thomas A. Wilson and Jeff Falkel

Functional Training for Sports
by Michael Boyle

Training for Speed, Agility, and Quickness - DVD/Book Combo!
ed. Brown, Ferrigno

Strength Band Training
by Phil Page and Todd Ellenbecker

Sport Psychology in Practice
edited by Mark Andersen

Coaching Basketball
Technical and Tactical Skills

American Sport Education Program
w/ Kathy McGee

Gold Glove Baseball
American Baseball Coaches Association
Charlie Greene, editor

Coaching Youth Baseball the Ripken Way
Cal Ripken, Jr, Bill Ripken, with Scott Lowe

Fitness and Health Books

Strength Ball Training by Lorne Goldenberg and Peter Twist

Plyometric Exercises with the Medicine Ball
by Dr. Donald A. Chu

Plyoplay for Kids
Exercises with the Medicine Ball
by Dr. Donald A. Chu

Periodization Training for Sports by Tudor O. Bompa

Stronger Abs and Back
by Dean and Greg Brittenham

Your Personal Trainer
by Douglas Brooks

Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning 2nd edition by Thomas R. Baechle (Editor) 

A comprehensive look at exercise sciences, testing and evaluation, exercise techniques, program design, and organization and administration of the strength training and conditioning facility.

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Weight Training and Power
Sports Power
Sports Power

by David Sandler

Weight Training Fundamentals
by David Sandler

Serious Strength Training
by Tudor Bompa

Building Strength and Stamina
by Wayne Westcott

Sports Specific Books

Complete Conditioning for Golf
by Pete Draovitch and Wayne Westcott

The Next Level by Garrin Clark

Beach Volleyball by Karch Kiraly and Byron Shewman

Fundamentals of Track and Field
by Gerry Carr

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