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Strength Band Training with Stretch N Strength™ Flex Bands

Vertical Jump Stretch Out: Equal to or better than Jumpstretch Flexbands and other popular resistance bands, Stretch N Strength Flex Bands are the strength training bands used by pros to gain increased strength and flexibility.

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Stretching bands can be strapped around the body and these can add a new dimension to your exercise routine. These flex bands can be used for jump stretch, strength training, or rehabilitation exercises. At JumpUSA.com, you can buy the best resistance bands to use in your workout sessions. You can also buy several resistance bands together and join them to form bigger resistance bands. The stretching bands can be used in a variety of exercises to add a new way to perform the exercise and also train particular muscle groups. The flex bands are easy to carry and they do not take up much space while traveling either. The stretching bands can also be used for different levels of training depending on a personís comfort level. Browse through our online store to buy resistance bands and stretching bands of varying strengths.

Stretch N Strength Flex BandsStrength Training Bands work by wrapping the Strength Band around the body or body's extremities to produce natural and healthy ranges of motion and variable-resisted active-isolated stretching. Strength Bands have been proven effective for flexibility workouts, injury rehabilitation, and weight training. Strength gains can be achieved by attaching the Strength Band to free weights or manipulating them around the body for resistance. 41" lay down length (82" circumference)

Strength Bands can be combined to make longer bands for vertical jumping or resistance exercises. 2 Medium bands are used above.

2 MEDIUM (4/7) BANDS + 2 LOW (3/7) BANDS Combo
$140 value  $129.95

Mix and match your strength bands:

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Stretch N Strength Flex Band - 5/7th Level Heavy Resistance Band
2 1/2" wide
80 - 100 lbs. resistance
Price Each

Stretch N Strength Flex Band - 3/7th Level Low Resistance Band

1 1/8" wide
30 - 50 lbs. resistance
Price Each 

Stretch N Strength Flex Band - 4/7th Level Medium Resistance Band
1 3/4" wide
65 - 85 lbs. resistance
Price Each

Stretch N Strength Flex Band - 1/7th Level Lowest Resistance Band
1/2" wide
5 - 25 lbs. resistance
Price Each

Speed work with Stretch N Strength Band Fitness Bands:

Hamstring Stretch & Leg Lift Using Stretch N Strength Resistance Band Exercise Bands:

Stretch N Strength Flex Band - 2/7th Level Lower Resistance Bandiron woody fitness bands super mini band
7/8" wide
10 - 35 lbs. resistance
Price Each

strength band training book
Strength Band Training
Over 100 exercises for using  elastic resistance bands and tubing $17.95
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Stretch N Strength Flex Band - 6/7th Level Heavier Resistance Bandiron_woody_fitness_bands_monster_band
 3 ¼" wide
120 -150 lbs. resistance
Price Each

Stretch N Strength Flex Band - 7/7th Level Heaviest Resistance Bandiron_woody_fitness_bands_monster_band
4" wide
160 -200 lbs. resistance
Price Each
Benefits of Strength Band Resistance Band Training:
  • Strength Band Resistance Bands offer a wide range of flexibility and strengthening exercises. 
  • When used as a part of a structured program, Strength Bands will produce results after just one workout session. 
  • Different levels of training are available depending on individual goals. 
  • Strength Bands are compact and can be taken anywhere, from a hotel room to a practice field, or even used at your computer desk. 
  • They are better than stretch ropes because they offer variable resistance since they are continuous (unlike stretch ropes which have an open end), and aid in proper muscle active isolation. 
  • Strength Bands do not take up a lot of space, are inexpensive, and can be used by everyone. 
  • Strength Bands carry a 1 year warranty against defects and/or breakage.
There is a Stretch N Strength Resisistance Band for whatever your activity or level of training.

stretch n strength resistance bands

Improve your Back and Hamstrings through Science:
Recent scientific research indicates that patients experience significant increases in low-back and hamstring flexibility after just six weeks of utilizing Flex Bands.

S. Robertson, J.P. Porcari, FAACVPR, A. Freeman, and M. Mahar, at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, LaCrosse, WI.

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