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MVP Maximum Vertical Potential Vertical Jump Program 2 DVD

MVP Maximum Vertical Potential Vertical Jump Program 2 DVD

Price: $39.95

"The Most Credible, Safe, and Effective Vertical Jump Program Ever!"

Hi, I'm Professional Basketball Strength & Conditioning Coach Alan Stein and yes that's me with Kevin Durant at the NBA Draft when he was selected by the Sonics. I have trained Kevin in high school and currently train some of the top basketball players in the country on a daily basis to help improve their vertical jump and explosiveness. Are you frustrated with your current training program? Do you wish you could jump higher? Do you want to be more athletic and explosive on the court? Have you tried numerous other vertical jump programs that promise a lot but don't deliver?

The problem with most vertical jump programs (besides outrageous claims) is that they are not progressive and comprehensive. They only focus on training one area of your body to improve vertical jump. There are so many gizmos and gadgets that also claim to help your vertical jump it is difficult to know who is telling the truth and which products actually work. Most programs have a cool sounding name and promise amazing results but they don't offer anything to back up the claims - such as who the creator of the program really is and what credentials they have. It's hard to believe in a program if the best they can do to back up their product is a grainy photo of some kid dunking on what might be a 9 foot rim. Who do they think they are kidding? I'm here to tell you to forget all the gizmos, gadgets, and single-minded programs.

Now you can get a vertical jump program that is comprehensive and will help you reach your full vertical jump potential. Get those extra inches you need to dunk the basketball and if you are already throwing it down, you can get the inches you need to dunk on people in games. I work with McDonald's All-Americans, NBA players, NBA prospects, and top college players and I'm going to share with you the same program I give them to jump higher and increase their explosiveness on the basketball court. My M.V.P. Vertical Jump program also has the backing of top players and coaches around the world.

Nike has me bring my innovative training methods to their Nike Skill Academies every summer. I use the same drills and exercises in the M.V.P. Vertical Jump program DVD as I use when I work with the best high school player's in the nation!

  • The most comprehensive vertical jump program on the market.
  • Authored by well-reknowned Professional Basketball Conditioning Coach Alan Stein
  • Increases vertical jump through increased flexibility, power, strength, and core strength
  • Workout 3 x a week with workouts between 30-45
  • Also increases quickness and speed in addition to vertical jump
  • Great for any sport - not just basketball

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