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Weighted Agility Gloves

  • <>Increases your Shooting Range
  • <>Lets you Catch more passes
  • <>Improves your Grappling Handstrength for MMA

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Strong hands are a great plus factor for sportspersons who play games like basketball, baseball and volleyball. By training to develop the strength in hands, sportspersons can perform better in the game of their choice. At JumpUSA.com, America’s Number 1 store that sells sports training equipment, you can buy a wide range of basketball accessories for improving your game. The weighted agility gloves are one such accessory that can help you in strengthening your hands and put power in your grip when you play. At this online store you can buy weighted gloves at affordable prices and use them for practicing and improving the strength in your hands, wrists and fingers. The weighted agility gloves have finger weights built into the glove and also weights that can be removed, in the back of the glove. When you practice with the weighted agility gloves, you also increase your dexterity which helps you in catching, passing and shooting while playing. By regular training, you will observe a world of difference in the way you play. The WAGs (Weighted Agility Gloves) are also useful for therapy while recovering from injury as these help in gradual development of strength in hands, wrists and fingers.

If you want stronger and quicker hands then you must train to have stronger and quicker hands. WAG™ (Weighted Agility Gloves) allows for high velocity training during sports specific movements.

The WAG™ (Weighted Agility Gloves)
· Strengthens hands, fingers, wrists, forearms up to 40%
· Increases quickness by 5-20%
· Useful in over 40 sports and physical therapy
· Enhances agility, coordination, and dexterity

What makes our gloves the best training ever for your dynamic hand strength? Finger weights are built into the lining of each finger and thumb as well as removable weights in the back of the glove. Your sports dexterity is increased to improve your catching, passing, shooting range, and grappling for MMA.



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