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How to Recover from Sore Hamstrings

Solution: Bicycle Leg Swings

Most athletes from any running sport will eventually get sore hamstrings.  Here's a great way to get rid of the soreness.  After warming up, stand balanced or with your hand on a wall, with all your weight on one foot, let's say your left. Flex your hip and raise your right knee up to waist level with your lower leg hanging towards to ground. now extend your right leg in front of you so your leg is parallel to the ground.

Now drop your leg back as if you were on a bicycle until your right leg is behind you, fully extended, to the extent of your backswing.  Then raise your right heel all the way back until it nearly touches your behind. At that point you should feel your sore hamstrings getting worked pretty hard, but it should feel good.  Right when you reach that point, drop your leg back to starting position without touching the ground.  Try doing this exercise very smoothly and in a rhythmic motion. Repeat this entire sequence of actions in a smooth manner such that the hip and leg move though a continuous arc without stopping or pausing. Try doing sets of 10 to 15 for each leg, about one per second or slightly faster.

Work your way up to 1 or 2 sets of 15 and 30 reps, each side, and if you wish to keep going, go up to sets of 45 or 60.  At that point you should be going faster than you started.

To add resistance, use an All Legs Speed Builder or an
Explosive Kick, and attach it to the leg you are working.  It should be slightly stretched at your starting point.  Later to make it harder, stand further and further away. The soreness in your hamstrings should diminish, and you'll be on your way to more speed and power with less hamstring soreness.

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