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3 Exercises to Speed Up Your Reaction Time

Reactivity - What is it, and how to Incorporate it into your Workout

It is important to add a variety sensory input to footwork drills. Your game performance is a series of physical reactions to stimuli - where the ball is going, where defenders are coming from - you move accordingly. You want the ability to rapidly process multiple forms of information while the play going on - while still moving quickly. All of it happens in a split second. Wouldn't you love to slow down everything around you? You can by speeding up your brain's stimulus response time. Certain drills will help you to slow down time as you speed up your brain.
To develop this skill, try juggling up to 3 balls while doing foot patterns on an agility ladder. Your peripheral vision and reaction to your surroundings will heighten as you get better.

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Agility Ladders
-Develop foot quickness
-Gain agility and coordination
-Versatile and fun, great results

Juggle Balls
Learning to juggle will not only help you see the ball, see the defenders, and see plays develop.

The Reaction Ball
Harder to chase than a chicken! 
Quicken your response time, agility, and speed
as you try to follow the Reaction Ball!

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Another variation is to do footwork drill on the agility ladder while dribbling one or two basketballs.  This can help you react while your mind concentrates on other stimuli. 
Finally, a Reaction Ball can enhance your reactive ability and help you make quick decisions.  A great exercise for goalies and defense in general is to toss the reaction ball high in the air, and when the reaction ball hits, try to jump in the same direction as the Reaction Ball. You can start by jumping left and right only, and later try 360 degrees. Try to jump as soon as the Reaction Ball hits the ground. 
Many competitive matches are decided by a single point... and faster reaction can lead you to victory.

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