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NESTA SAQ (Speed, Agility, & Quickness) Certification Program

Learn to teach Plyometrics!



We are proud to announce that the NESTA SAQ program is now used by the U.S. Secret Service to train their agents!

Increase Vertical Jump - Improve Explosive Power - Enhance Balance - Master Sports Performance

The NESTA SAQ program is approved by ISSA for 15 CEUs. 

Prerequisites: None 
Shipping Costs: None in the U.S. 
Estimated time for completion: 2-3 weeks (You may take any length of time)

No additional textbook is required for this program. It comes complete! 

Learn how to increase vertical jump, improve balance, gain flexibility, develop core power and gain peak performance in sports conditioning. 

Quick Program Stats

  • Completely Home Study (no travel needed) 
  • Certificate reads"Certified Speed, Agility & Quickness Trainer" and does not say "home study" 
  • All program materials are sent to you at one time (including your test) 
  • You can call us toll free (or e-mail us) any time you have a question while completing the program. 
  • NESTA graduates have been hired at these facilities 
  • Program is easy to follow and extremely informative 
  • Course completion qualifies you for professional liability insurance 
  • Lifetime Certification (no re-certification required) 
  • CECs for ACE & ISSA are pending 
  • Your certification will be issued by N.E.S.T.A. - National Endurance & Sports Trainers Association. 
  • An international association with graduates in every state and over 20 countries.
Who should take this program?
The SAQ program is designed for fitness professionals who wish to expand their careers and athletes who now want to improve sports performance. Teachers and coaches who work with athletes in such sports as basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, track & field, fighting arts, and other sports where speed, agility and quickness are essential to peak performance.

Trainers: Make yourself stand out from the crowd and earn more money
Coaches & Teachers: Learn the latest techniques and earn this unique certification
Athletes: Gain a huge edge on your competition and have fun getting certified

NOTE: This unique program will teach you how to create very comprehensive SAQ training programs with little or no equipment, as well as using more advanced training tools.
What will I learn?
  • Speed, Quickness & Agility Drills 
  • Physiology of SAQ Drills 
  • Injury Prevention 
  • Swiss Ball & Medicine Ball Techniques 
  • Upper & Lower Body Exercises 
  • Program Design for Specific Sports 
  • How to Use Natural Elements for Plyometric Drills 
  • Power Fundamentals 
  • Balance Drills 
  • How to Build Explosive Speed & Power 
  • Simple & Complex Plyometric Movements 
  • How to Implement an SAQ Program into an Existing Fitness Program 
  • How to make a great living being a Certified SAQ Trainer 
  • More ...

What will I receive?

You will be sent the following: 

  • 3 Instructional Videos (VHS or DVD Versions available)
  • Video One - Sports Warm-ups & Stretching
  • Video Two - Lower Body Drills
  • Video Three - Upper Body Drills
  • A Very Comprehensive Manual Including Anatomy & Physiology Applications in SAQ Training (CD-Rom) - easily printed out if you like 
  • Complete Course Instructions 
  • Test & Answer Sheet 
  • Additional Instructions for Student Help, E-mail Support, and Use of Our Online Learning Center 

What will I get after I successfully complete of the program?

You will get the following: 

  • Title of Certified Speed, Agility & Quickness Trainer 
  • Beautiful wall certificate for framing 
  • Camera-ready "Certified" art for all your promotional needs 
  • Qualification for professional liability insurance 
  • Discount for IAMBP (International Association of Mind-Body Professionals) membership 
  • Ongoing e-mail & toll free help 
  • Lifetime NESTA membership 
  • Updates on new and exciting programs to advance your career 
  • Requirements for completion: 100-Question Multiple Choice Home Study Test, Short Essay Questions, and sample SAQ program designs for various athletes. 

NOTE: Our VHS videos only come in NTSC format. PAL is not available.

Do I need a license to be a SAQ Trainer?
No! A license is usually issued by a city, county, state or national agency when a policy has been mandated. In those cases, a license would be required to perform the specific work. On the other hand, a certification shows that you have fulfilled given requirements to perform the work. Certificates are issued by schools and licenses are given (in most cases) by a government agency. Trainers & Coaches are not required to be licensed in ANY state. 

Is there a specific order in which the material is to be completed?
Yes, there is a simple-to-follow outline. You will find it fun and very educational.

What are the steps to complete this program?
1. Completely read this page and print it out.
2. Complete the secure online or mail-in application.
3 Complete the written test and the required material at your own pace.
4. Mail back all of your course requirements for grading.
5. Wait 10-12 days for the results 

Can I share the program with another person?
Yes, you can. The two of you will be sent one packet that includes two manuals, 2 sets of test questions, and two answer sheets The two of you will SHARE the videos. Each person is responsible for their own work. Simply copying one another person's work is not permitted. Upon passing the program, each of you will receive all of the above mentioned benefits. A share program is sent to one address. 

NESTA Certified SAQ
(one person)
U.S. $299.95

NESTA Certified SAQ
(two people)
U.S. $419.95



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