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Weighted Squats
Grasp a dumbell in each hand and spread your feet about shoulder width apart. Point your feet slightly out, in lie with your knees. Slow and controlled, bend your knees and lower your hips as far as comfortable as shown in the second figure, then straighten your legs o return to the start. Do 3 sets of 10 starting with 40% of your body weight for men and 30% of your bodyweight for women and all young lifters age 16-18. Do twice per week. As you get stronger, try to increase weight 10% each month
The Advanced
Peterson Step-ups

(see below for the exercise)

18 inch Jumpbox
Perfect for Advanced Peterson Step-Ups
(Item # JUMPBOX18)
Price:   $89.95 

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Knee Protection(1 of 3)

JumpUSA Elbow and Knee Supports
Regular and Magnetic Supports.

Knee Pro-Tec
Incredible knee and patellar support!

The Peterson Step-up(2 of 3)

The Peterson Stepup begins with one foot on a low platform. Lift the heel of the foot on top of the platform and position the toes so they are just behind the heel of the opposite leg as shown in the first picture. Now lift the toes of the foot you're standing on, as this will increase the emphasis on the working leg. From this start position straighten the leg on top of the platform while lowering the heel as shown in the second picture. Do 3 sets of 10 each leg with no weight at first, and then 10 - 20 lbs as dumbbells or weighted belt. For the most challenging workout, do the exercise with Jumpsoles + Proprioceptors, especially in the middle hole. 

12 inch Jumpbox
(Item # JUMPBOX12)

10 lb. Weight Belt

The Peterson System
$30 OFF!

12 inch Jumpbox + 10 lb. Weight Belt
Price: $178.90 $149.95 

The Hamstrings Systems for Jumpers Knees(3 of 3)

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The Power Wheel
Unique design allows feet to be hooked onto wheel for a wide variety of ab, back, and hamstring exercises.
Price:   $49.95


The Swiss Ball
Shown with Frank Shamrock, 5X Ultimate Fighting Champion
65cm for people under 6'
(Item # SWISS65)
Price:   $29.95

75cm for people 6' and over
(Item # SWISS75)
Price:   $34.95

The Hamstrings System - $10 OFF!
The Power Wheel + The Swiss Ball 65cm
Price: $79.90 $69.95

The Hamstrings System - $10 OFF!
The Power Wheel + The Swiss Ball 75cm
Price: $84.90 $74.95

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