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In today's game, basketball players are required to become stronger, quicker, and more explosive than ever before.  Physical conditioning and strength training basketball exercises are essential, and is the key element in the difference between the champions and the rest of the pack.  Set your goals and use our strength training products to get you to the next level. 

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Dribbling, Shooting, 1-on-1 Defense, Passing videos from the pros!
basketball shooting
The Bandit
A Shooting Arm Guide that makes your accuracy automatic!

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Achieve your phsyical goals through JumpUSA's Basketball Strength Training Products
by becoming stronger, faster, and more explosive with basketball exercises

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Basketball Weight Training Products

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Dee Brown's Edge Basketball Training Facility is one of the nation's best:
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If you're aiming to be a professional basketball player then you have to master the crucial basketball techniques like dribbling, shooting, ball handling and passing. The revolutionary innovation of oversize basketballs has helped many players in improving their basketball techniques. Practicing with oversize basketballs rigorously trains the players for better shooting accuracy and ball handling. Thereafter, playing with a regular ball becomes easier and more regulated. Similarly, the weighted basketball is heavier than the normal ones but with the same bounce. These enhance your strengths of gripping and rebounding. At Jump USA, we provide a full range of training products like oversize and weighted basketballs, vertical jump training equipments, gripping equipments, and much more, to sharpen up your skill and body for the game of basketball. Our exclusive 2 weighted basketball and CD-ROM package has been admired by all the users. This video training aid will definitely maximize your shooting and dribbling abilities. These weighted basketballs are available in two sizes, which are regular and intermediate. Choose through the wide range of weighted basketball qualities and brands and train yourself for excellence. Read the comments and experiences posted by professionals, who will guide and inspire you to go for the best. We have everything that a basketball trainee or a professional player needs.

    The World's #1 plyometric training
    shoe platformhas the ultimate upgrade.
    The PROPRIOCEPTOR improves
    balance, agility,and quickness

"Just before his 14th birthday,
Kyle was doing awesome tomahawk crams, two-handed dunks, gorilla jams, reverse dunks, windmill slams, you name it."
(read more)

weight beltWeight Belt Jump
The 30 lb. Hypergravity 
Weight Belt
Gain Hops, Power, Speed and Endurance with these hypergravity belts - train your body in a heavier environment!

The SpringBak Insoles
Gain instant vertical and stride length with these amazing insoles!   Use with your basketball exercises

Vertec Jump Training
Professional Vertical Measurement Device
Monitor your basketball exercises

Athletic Supports
Supports for Jumper's Knee, Shin Splints, Wrists and Ankles
Use with your basketball exercises

Ankle Weights
5 lb or 10 lb. ankle weight sets.
Use with your basketball exercises

 Slide Boards
Develop strong quads for powerful running and jumping. Exercises basketball lateral mobility.

Exercises Basketball Upper Body Strength

The Wrist Roller
Chisel your forearms and strengthen your wrists, increasing your shooting range, dribbling strength, and ball control!

The Big Ball
Oversized Basketball to train shooting accuracy! Jumbo 36" Ball

The Strength Builder
The all new rack that allows you to target specific key areas by putting the bars in different positions. It exercises basketball specific muscles.

Exercises basketball specific shoulder muscles. Extreme Weighted Kettlebells for intense power, full-body workout, aerobic and strength building.

Indian Clubs

Learn the Ancient Art of Club Swinging!

Power Wheel 
Work your abs, hamstrings, and lower back with this diverse wheel

McDavid protective HexPad is what let Dwyane Wade keep taking it to the hoop.
Result: NBA Championship!

Hanging Abs
One of the best ways to build rock solid abs. Exercises basketball strength capacity.

3 lb. Heavy Training Basketball
Gain Shooting Range and Power in Your Fingertips for Better Ball Control. 

(available in both regulation and intermediate sizes)

Hand Strength
Heavy Grips
For athletes who want to take the training of their grip strength to the next level. From 100 to 350 lbs!
Great basketball exercises 

Hand Strengthening Devices

Wrist and Forearm Strengthener
 Wrist and Forearm Strengthening Devices

Basketball Weight Training Equipment

Heavy Weighted

Work upper and lower body as well as cardio.

The Hoop Harness
 Train your weaker hand by locking it in - now with swivel and quick release.   Exercises basketball dribbling muscles

Double Grip Handle Balls
Medicine balls with grip handles allow diverse workouts and basketball exercises

Portable Crunch Bench
Offers 2 position incline and foot placement, for users of various heights and advancements.

Dimensions: 37"LX16"WX22"H
Bench WT: 25 lbs
Cap: 300 lbs

Workout Tower
Pull-up and Chin-up bar, VKR, sit-up and push-up handles, includes chip and dip handles.

Dimensions: 56"LX40"WX86"H
Bench WT: 76 lbs
Cap: 350 lbs
The Power Bench
With multiple incline and decline posiions!  Great for basketball weight training.

The JumpShooter
Train to elevate and shoot over opponents!

Roman Chair / Hyperextension
The ultimate lower back exercise

See how the 6-time champion Chicago Bulls led by Michael Jordan trained with Plyoball Medicine Balls!

Plyoboxes, Cones,
and other Jumpsoles
Training Accessories

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We recommend you to be 18 years of age before taking supplements. Please consult your health practitioner before taking any supplement.

Vertical Blastoff™ Effervescent Creatine
Boosting backup energy stores is a great idea for basketball conditioning. Recover faster from your basketball exercises, work out longer.

Training Programs and Videos

Cris Carter's FAST Program
See the secrets and techniques taught at Former NFL Wide Receiver Cris Carter's facility in Boca Raton, FL!

Notable athletes who trained there include: Vince Carter, T-MAC, and Randy Moss!

See how the 6-Time Champion Bulls trained with Medicine Balls on their incredible title run!

Featuring: NBA Champion Chicago Bulls Trainer Al Vermeil

52 Week Basketball Training
What are you doing this summer? The definitive guide to how to train for basketball all year long !

Sports Speed

Strength Ball Training

Stronger Abs and Back

Specialty Devices

Speed Parachute
Run with resistance, then release the parachute to hit overspeed!

Power Sports Trainer
Full Body Resistance elastics for all movements

TNT Cable System
Double Your Power! Proven better than weights for Size, Strength, Power

Progressive Resistance Elastic Bands
Similar to chains that are hung from the bar, these elastic cords utilize progressive resistance to create greater and greater resistance as you ascend.

Lateral Power Boxes
For outdoor use, these steel frames boxes will get you exploding laterally!

The Sky-Meter
Vertical Jump Measuring Device. Simply hang it on your basketball rim and measure!

Assisted Resistance Training
Partnered resistance trainers with belts, shoulder harnesses, and variable elastics

Thigh Blasters
High-Knees have never been so difficult! By forcing yourself to push your knees up with force you can develop explosive speed and running power. Use with your basketball exercises

Team Equipment

Vertec Jump Training
Professional Vertical Measurement Device

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