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Vertical Jumping
The Jumpsoles and the Proprioceptor

Plyoboxes and other Jumpsoles Training Accessories

Hyper Gravity Weight Belt 

Power Jumper 2

Explosive Calves

Heavy Weighted Jumpropes


Speed Parachute

Power Wheel 

Sled Dawg

Assisted Resistance Training

Lateral Power Trainer

Explosive Kick

Fitness, Body Strength and Toning

  Medicine Balls

Stability Ball

Fit-Stik Body Sculpting System

Elastic Resistance Tubing

The Wrist Roller
Take the Carpal Tunnel Test to see if you have CTS!

The Jumpsoles Complex Speed Training Program

Speed and Agility

Agility Ladders

All Legs Speed Builder

Dot Drill Mat
Turf Slalom Pole
Turf Slalom Poles

Mini Hurdles

Doubleman Overspeed

Agility Cone
Hurdle Set


The Bandit 

3 lb. Heavy Basketball

Naypalm Dribbling Aid

Dribble Specs

Basketball Hoops

WAG - Weighted
Agility Gloves

Jay Hernandez Pro Shooting DVD

The Rolbak
Heavy Jump Rope
1 lb. Heavy Jumprope

The Shooting Strap

Stickum Grip Powder

Slipp-Nott Mats

Better Basketball DVDs

Spalding Autograph Ball

McCall's Rebounder

The Big Ball


Refiner Hinged Golf Club

Putter Pool

The Golf Gym

Putting Arc

Swing Sock for Golf

The PowerBall

The TeeFork

Ben Hogan DVD Ben Hogan DVDs

Knowledge, Nutrition, and Supports

Exercise Books

Exercise Videos

Effervescent Creatine

Ankle, Elbow, and Knee Supports


Vertec Jump Training

Balance Boards


Hydra Rib Pass Returns

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